Terms of Placement



1. Glossary of the Terms


1.1. Salesrepresentatives.biz (or Site) — the internet resource consisting of a set of (a) computer programs (software code running on a computer) and (b) the information (content) placed in them by the Site Administration and / or Users. Site is maintained in an information system that provides the access to the aforesaid information in Internet when addressed by the domain name http://salesrepresentatives.biz (including all levels of the specified domain functioning on the moment of adoption of these Terms by the User as well as added after that).
1.2. Placement — placing information and content in the relevant sections and sections of the site by Users.



2. Requirements for the Placement


2.1. Placement of any information and content on the Site shall comply with Terms of Service (http://salesrepresentatives.biz/terms_of_service) and applicable law.
2.2. Placement shall comply with the following format regulations:
  2.2.1. Placed text shall comply with:
  - English language norms (or norms of the language in which the advertisement is published).
  - Norms of punctuation and use of additional symbols. Spaces shall be entered between words and after punctuation marks. (Acceptable: «1 + 1 = 2!», «The first wealth is health. - Ralph Waldo Emerson» Unacceptable: «-->***Maximum Discount***<--», «The first wealth is health.-Ralph_Waldo_Emerson»).
  - Norms of capital letter use. Spelling of a word in capital letters is allowed only for common abbreviations or registered trademarks. A scanned copy of certificate of trademark registration shall be sent to the Site Administration. (Acceptable: UN, TNT, IBM. Unacceptable: «MAXIMUM DISCOUNT», «SaLeS»).
  2.2.2. Placed image:
  - Shall be of high quality. If text is used in the image, it is important to pay attention to legibility of it, the text shall occupy no more than 50% of the total image area.
  - Shall not contain improper, frightening or esthetically unacceptable images (including images of nude or provocatively dressed people, diseases, injuries, catastrophes etc.) as well as shall comply with accepted ethical rules and moral principles, including those belonging to such in the opinion of the Site Administration. This rule also applies to audio and video content.
  - Shall not violate copyright rules.
  - Shall not contain symbols of the competitors.
2.3. Placed text and image shall correspond to the content of the page where link specified by the user leads.
2.4. Placement is allowed, if selected category corresponds to the subject of the object of placement.
2.5. It is prohibited to use abusive and obscene words, as well as to mention tragic events (e.g.: murder, death, terrorist attack, funeral). This rule also applies to audio and video content.
2.6. Placed text and image of the advertisement shall not contain personal contact details (telephone numbers, contact data for Skype, WhatsApp and other messaging services).
2.7. It is prohibited to copy elements of Site interface which misguide users about a possibility of various actions (e.g., pressing the button, check marking).
2.8. Inappropriate comparison with goods and services provided by other companies is not allowed.
2.9. For Placement of some types of goods (services, works), among others requirement of the applicable law, the following restrictions are imposed:
  2.9.1. For Placement of pharmaceutical products, medical purpose goods and medical services, including treatment methods; dating services; advertisement of promotional events, including lotteries, remark of 18+ is obligatory.
  2.9.2. Placement of pharmaceutical products, medical equipment, medical goods (except for some birth control methods) and medical services, including treatment methods, an obligatory application of disclaimer «Some contraindications» is required.
  2.9.3. Placement of baby food requires an obligatory disclaimer «Consult a specialist before using».
  2.9.4. Placement of dietary supplement requires application of a disclaimer «Dietary supplement. Not a pharmaceutical».
  2.9.5. Placement of results of intellectual activity is permitted only provided that relevant documents are available, which certify rights of use the results of intellectual activity.
  2.9.6. Use of pictures of individual persons is allowed only provided that documents are available confirming consent of this person.
  2.9.7. The Site Administration may request relevant documents for any goods and services. Documents and link can be sent to Support.
  2.9.8. Dating services may be advertised upon observance of requirements to Placement and advertising object. Herewith the Site Administration reserves the right to deny dating service advertisement placement, if it does not correspond to esthetic views and convictions of the Site Administration.
  2.9.9. Advertisement of astrologists' services is allowed only if a relevant link to the page with an offer of exclusively astrological services is available, not containing a link to services, advertisement of which conflicts with these Terms.



3. Restrictions concerning the Placement


3.1. It is prohibited to place at in Salesrepresentatives.biz resource:
  3.1.1. Sites which perform personal data and / or contact details collection (including telephone numbers, e-mail addresses) without explaining purpose and / or obtaining consent to personal data processing.
  3.1.2. Activities prohibited by the Site Administration, including account hacking, as well as artificial increase of traffic counters using any programs, automated scripts or in the name of other users; spamming.
  3.1.3. Goods and services for adults: pornographic files, escort services, resources intended to search partners with intimate service providing, as well as intimate trainings and seduction trainings (including pick-up).
  3.1.4. «Digital drugs» and smoking mixtures, smelling salts, poppers, exhilarant gases and any psychotropic substances.
  3.1.5. Medical services of induced abortion.
  3.1.6. Anabolic steroids, other preparations, special food products for application having an impact on muscle growth, effect of which is similar to effect of steroids.
  3.1.7. Military products and weapons (combat manual small and cold steel arms, duty weapons, civilian weapons, including personal defense weapons, sporting weapons with muzzle energy over 3 J, hunting and signal weapons).
  3.1.8. Games based on risk and betting, including gambling games, as well as goods and services, contents of which is connected with these.
  3.1.9. Sites, communities and applications which induce illegal actions and actions calling to violence and cruelty.
3.2. Sites which contain advertisement not corresponding to items 1, 3.1.1. – 3.1.9. of these Terms.
3.3. Change of a page contents, to which an Placement page leads, by contents conflicting with the Terms (including using redirection or by any other means) is prohibited from the date of publication.



4. General provisions


4.1. The Site Administration has the right to reject Placement which contains a link with automatic redirection of users from one site to another.
4.2. The Site Administration has the right to reject Placement of competing services and sites; services and sites with similar or identical activity area.
4.3. Placement can be rejected in case the Placement does not comply with the general Placement policy, views and convictions of the Site Administration.
4.4. By placing paid advertisement, you accept unconditionally terms described in Salesrepresentatives.biz Advertisement Agreement.
4.5. These Terms also apply to Placements placed by mobile advertising services (to mobile version of the site, as well as official applications for mobile devices).



The Site Administration has the right to modify and / or amend these Terms in its sole discretion without any special notification. These Terms are an open and publicly available document.