A. Macklin


Sales representative in United States - interested to work as: service representative

Four years in customer service and cash-handling experience. Constantly searching for the opportunity to excel and become great and what I do.




United States




Travel, Tourism & Hospitality



Gained the ability and knowledge to solves problems effectively and provide exceptional customer service as well selecting the best product for each client.
Recognized for ability to quickly establish rapport with customers, up-sell products and build a loyal clientele.
Acquired credibility and account management skills.
Suppliers needed. Seeking positions of wholesale reps, manufacturer reps, sales agents, trade agents.


- Harley-Davidson Cafe, Las Vegas, NV, July 2008 to August 2011
Retail Sales Cashier
Compute sales prices, total purchases, and receive and process cash or credit payment.
Recommended, select, or help locate or obtain merchandise based on customer need and desires.
Ticket, arrange, and display merchandise to promote sales.
Provide the ability to multi-task; resolve customer issues and excel within a demanding, high-volume setting.

- Signature flight support, Las Vegas, NV, May 2011 to Present
Customer Service Representative
Attained more knowledge and experience to handle any customer situation.
Provide superior customer service by booking hotel rooms, limo transportation for passenger, and booking car rentals, order catering.
Attained Dispatching skills. As a dispatcher, we dispatch all the services needed for aircrafts such as fuel, servicing their lavatories, provide catering, parking. Virtually anything a customer or aircraft needs or wants, we handle the request in a timely fashion. Stay on top of all request presently or in the future.
Handle complaints and/or concerns in a professional, patient manner.
Handle and perform office duties such as answering emails, light bookkeeping, answering and directing phone calls, attending to the needs of my Duty Manager, making copies, and filing paperwork.
Learned to excel under pressure and handle any challenge with customers as well operations.

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