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An independent, family-run brewery for over 110 years. True Belgian craftsmanship. That's Haacht Brewery. Immerse yourself in our past and discover how we are looking towards the future. Haacht is looking for manufacturer representatives.








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The art of brewing

As a customer, you expect your favourite beer to have a perfect and constant quality. And rightly so! At Haacht Brewery our skilled employees guarantee the best beer. We have optimised our quality control by using new technology. Sales representative, manufacturer representative, sales agent, trade agent are needed for Haacht Brewery.

The ingredients

Only the best ingredients are good enough for us. Everything begins with the water. Our brewing water is pumped up to the brewery site from a depth of 70 metres. This water is so pure that it only needs to be filtered for iron deposits and softened before we use it for brewing.
By the way, did you know that we also pump water from a depth of 150 metres for all of our VAL mineral waters and soft drinks? This water has been recognised as natural mineral water by the Belgian Ministry of Health since 1989. It cannot be any purer!
We also need starch for brewing our beers. That is what barley is used for. After the barley has germinated, it is dried in an oast and may even be roasted. We are then left with malt. Only pure, healthy barley is suitable. That is why we are extremely selective about the malt we buy.

Hops give beers its aroma and bitterness. The taste of the beer will vary a lot, depending on the variety of hops used. We mainly use bitter hop varieties for brewing bottom-fermentation beers such as pilsner and table beer. For top-fermentation beers, such as Charles Quint and Tongerlo, we use fine, aromatic varieties of hops.

Lastly, we need yeast. Yeast converts sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide and partly gives beer its taste. Each type of beer uses its own strain of yeast. We use bottom-fermentation yeast for pilsner beers and top-fermentation yeast for special ales.
Each yeast culture is unique and at Haacht Brewery we cultivate our own yeast. This allows us to guarantee a constant and unique taste.

  • Looking for:
    Sales representative, manufacturer representative, sales agent, trade agent
  • Sales Reps wanted in the following countries:
    France, Germany, Netherlands
  • Offer compensations:
    Commission, Draw on commission, Salary
  • Establishment:
    Company was founded in 1898








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