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Supplier from Ukraine - acts as: trade supplier

Flash-Art was founded in 2009 as distributor of luminous promotional signs. We offer quality products for reasonable prices, service and delivery.








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Sales representatives, manufacturer representatives, sales agents, trade agents are needed for Flash-Art. Our product: ultra-thin, lightweight and durable advertising signs are sure to make your business noticeable. Flexible and stylish design make it possible to use this advertising equipment in different places and for any purpose. At the same time our products are extremely easy to use and does not require any special skills, you can change the design on a regular basis, enough to erase the old image and draw a new one. Glowing are only drawings and inscriptions made with special markers. Just a few moments - and your ads looks completely different. Сontents of delivery comes with all needed for start working immediately.

  • Looking for:
    Sales representatives, manufacturer representatives, sales agents, trade agents
  • Sales Reps wanted in the following countries:
    Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Poland, Belarus, Romania, Russia, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Kyrgyzstan, Slovakia, Latvia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Tajikistan, Moldova, Mongolia, Turkmenistan, Estonia, Ukraine, Finland
  • Offer compensations:
    Commission, Draw on commission, Salary
  • Establishment:
    Company was founded in 2009






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