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Our company has a long history of solving complicated finishing problems with brushing technology. As a full line producer of honing tools, abrasive nylon brushes, deburring brushes, automotive brushes, power brushes, twisted-in-wire brushes and the Flex-Hone® Tool, we stand ready to support you in getting the finest solution to your finishing needs. Sales representatives, manufacturer representatives, sales agents, trade agents are needed for Brush Research Mfg.

We can help you with your finishing and deburring needs. Our Flex-Hone® tool, also known as ball hones or the ball cylinder hone, is excellent for deburring, edge blending and surface finishing, although our tube brushes and other twisted-in-wire brushes are the ideal solutions for cleaning soot and carbon deposits from pipes and other metal elements. Download our product catalog to learn more about all of our brushes and flex hone tools. Our Flex-Hone® Tool is available in sizes from 4mm to 36" in 11 different grits and 8 different abrasive types.

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