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Our company provides you a range of goods that are sure to fit all your needs. Our broad assortment of goods include trophies, photo and mirror frames, C.D. racks, wine racks, shoe racks, Christmas gifts items, fire screen, fire tolls, floppy boxes, grills, gates, fences, wooden boxes, candle stands, gifts and decorative, curtain , bathroom, bar, kitchen and garden accessories, tools and wall hangings. Every item is so exclusively designed that it will add an enchanting beauty to the home decor. Kirti International would like to find sales representatives, manufacturer representatives, sales agents, trade agents.

Wrought iron furniture - our wrought iron furniture is manufactured of premium quality wrought iron that guarantees a longer life. A detailed list of furniture in this group includes chair, tables, beds, stool and benches. Every item is designed as per the latest tendencies and is sure to meet the customer's needs. We also focus in the production of custom-made furniture.

Chairs & stools - choose any from a variety of our tables and stools that are intended to add to the decor of any home a range of chairs (folding), powder coated. Our wide assortment of stools (folding)and set of stools (nest-in) in iron and steel tops, furthermore to this our wood top stools are a hit around the globe.

Wrought iron table - the beatifully created multi-utility table comes in a range of designs and styles. Accessible with granite and glass top, these tables have a unique charm associated. We provide a distinctive variety of flat series tables completely collapsible, the side pillars and the connecting rod are jointed by the means of bush - pin system, interchangeable, hand forged, very rigid, antique finished, we are making end, console, dining and coffee tables in this design, wood top version also offered.

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    Sales representatives, manufacturer representatives, sales agents, trade agents
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    United States
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