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Our company is a privately held corporation established in 1984 by Jerry Camarota and Charles Terry. Each of these men has over 25 years in the connector business and almost as many years of experience with the screw machine business. They made a decision to form a firm - a precision swiss screw machine company that would concentrate on offering their clients with a quality product and on time shipping at a very competitive price. Electro-Tech Inc is looking for sales representative, manufacturer representative, sales agent, trade agent.

The company began with only a few machines, a handful of talented employees and a few good clients and they created a screw machine firm that has developed beyond anything that was dreamed in the early days. After a few years, the requirement for their goods was so fantastic that a major improve in size and capacity was needed. In response to this need, we bought a opponent in 1988, tripling its size in the process. This raise in size was achieved without reducing any of their product quality, exceptional client service or competitive pricing.

In the years since 1988, production has changed significantly. New technology and new client objectives have changed the way that the precision turned goods industry operates. We are regularly looking for development to better service our clients. With the latest CNC gear and our always-improving ISO standards, we continue to be an essential name in the screw machine business.

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    Sales representative, manufacturer representative, sales agent, trade agent
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    United States
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  • Establishment:
    Company was founded in 1984





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