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Manufacturer of sheet metal & machined components, assemblies & fabrications.








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Our company accomplishes success via professionalism by offering brilliant quality sheet metal and machined components & assemblies. It has always been our solid philosophy. Following this course, we have increased our personnel together with out facilities. To provide individualized service and live up to our customer's requirements and needs and be on par with the ever altering industry demands. Prince Metal Works is interested in cooperation with independent sales representative, independent manufacturer representative, independent sales agent, independent trade agent.

Our company was founded in 1969. Ever since our creation we have slowly and continuously increased accomplishing new heights. Every little step has led to a considerable progress. Our desires and eyesight have translated on the way to achieving our objectives and excelling in the field of sheet metal business.

Needs of our clients identifies our actions. Dependent on strong research investments, top level specialists and partnership with technological institutes, our crew is inspired to continuously create goods and process to attend quickly and creatively to the market demands. Our goods are rigorously checked out as in manufacturing and our processes are regularly audited. Investing in new machinery to qualify our plant to produce all types of sheet metal components & machined components. An extreme exportation policy focus in maintaining and extending our presence in the major markets world wide. Our company offers to its customers tailor made goods, services and presentation, providing our best staff to understand precisely the needs of each customer.

  • Looking for:
    Independent sales representative, independent manufacturer representative, independent sales agent, independent trade agent
  • Sales Reps wanted in the following countries:
    France, Germany, Italy, Russia, United Kingdom
  • Offer compensations:
  • Establishment:
    Company was founded in 1969






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