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Manufacturer of high performance self lubricating plain bearings. Trade agents are needed for GGB Bearings Technology.




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Established more than a hundred years ago, our company has a historical past dating back to 1899 when Glacier Antifriction Metal Company was established in London, England. Glacier presented many prosperous solutions to the industry, such as two worldwide known materials: DU® steel-backed metal-polymer bearing with bronze and PTFE lining (1956) and the marginally lubricated DX® tape-based bearing (1965) for grease or oil lubricated applications. GGB Bearings Technology would like to find sales representatives, manufacturer representatives, sales agents, trade agents.

Our core products:
1. Metal-polymer bushings
2. Solid Polymer bushings
3. Filament Wound bushings
4. Bushing Blocks and Thrust Plates
5. Metals and Bimetals
6. Bearing Assemblies

  • Looking for:
    Sales representatives, manufacturer representatives, sales agents, trade agents
  • Sales Reps wanted in the following countries:
    Australia, South Africa
  • Offer compensations:
  • Establishment:
    Company was founded in 1899








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