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Supplier from Czech - acts as: manufacturer

At present, the subject of our activity is Interiors of rail vehicles, service platforms of machine tools and machine tool covering.








Transportation & Logistics



With regard to the professional level of own employees, the company Tratec-CS is able to offer a number of complex services in the aforementioned branches that suit customers’ needs. Tratec-CS has an interest in partnership with independent sales representatives, independent manufacturer representatives, independent sales agents, independent trade agents.

The company’s activity focuses on complete solutions from project to construction, production documentation, manufacture, assembly, commissioning and training of operating staff.

Out primary goal is manufacturing of a quality and precise product, and meeting the delivery deadlines. The company motto is: “Customer satisfaction with supplied products”.

The evidence of the company’s prosperity is export of products abroad to Switzerland, Germany, Ital, Indonesia, China and United States.

The company Tratec-CS was established in 1991 by privatisation of machine works of joint stock company STAP.

After the transformation to the private sector, the company became a private property. The technical level of the company enhanced, and new application technologies in the area of machining, surface finishes and welding were introduced. Also the technical production preparation was strengthened, and construction using CAD programs was introduced that facilitated 3D and 2D designing, as well as CAM software based technologies.

Tratec offers complex services in the area of mechanical engineering and automation production, specialising in the sector of locksmithery and carpentry works.

In the area of metal production, Tratec builds on high flexibility in the area of machining on both conventional and CNC machines (turning, milling).

  • Looking for:
    Independent sales representatives, independent manufacturer representatives, independent sales agents, independent trade agents
  • Sales Reps wanted in the following countries:
    China, Indonesia, Italy, Switzerland, United States
  • Offer compensations:
  • Establishment:
    Company was founded in 1991






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