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We are one of the largest producers of rubber in our part of Europe, employing more than 700 people in 4 production plants. We have over 25 years of experience in the rubber industry.








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We are the leaders in rubber compounds, car carpets, retreaded tyre, retreading materials, road safety items, granules, and many other rubber products. Sales representative, manufacturer representative, sales agent, trade agent are needed for Geyer & Hosaja.

We place special emphasis on quality. Our production facilities are subject to strict international quality systems. We work with the largest and most demanding corporations from around the world.

We produce colourful mixes of rubber, EPDM Virgin granules, and flexible tiles with EPDM cover.

Our products are manufactured from high quality raw materials. The high content of rubber makes them durable and resistant to weather and UV radiation.

All products offered by Geyer & Hosaja are manufactured in our plants in Poland. All produced rubber compounds undergo the granulation processes. We constantly carry out quality checks and test the parameters of the products in our laboratories. In order for the end products meet all standards, we additionally confirm their quality in independent, international institutions and laboratories.

We also offer reclaimed rubber.We obtain it in the process of devulcanization from selected rubber waste.

Thanks to the possibility of further vulcanization, it serves as a replacement for the rubber in the manufacture of rubber compounds. The use of reclaimed rubber reduces the price of compounds.

"Dobro" laying mats for animals are produced fromthe highest quality Polish rubber. They imitate natural substrates, increasing the comfort of resting cows. They act as insulation, reducing the cost of animal husbandry.

The mat has a special design and a non-slip structure, which reduces the risk of injury to joints and hooves. To a large extent they positively influence productivity. They can also reduce the stress in animals, prevent bedsores, and contribute to general improvement of conditions.

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    Sales representative, manufacturer representative, sales agent, trade agent
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    Canada, Germany, India, Poland, United States
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