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We remain at the forefront of leading general cargo systems in Europe and grow together with our partners and customers.








Transportation & Logistics



At night, when you are sleeping, the core components awake. Our five main transshipment bases in Homberg/Efze, Lauenau, Bottrop, Grolsheim and Aurach bundle all their shipments into our close meshed logistic network. Floor coverings from the Netherlands for Berlin, brake discs from Poland to Ingolstadt or ladders from Günzenburg for a construction site in Hamburg are transported on the shortest way, just-in-time, cost-efficient and environment-friendly to the receiver. Cargo Trans Logistik is interested in cooperation with independent sales representative, independent manufacturer representative, independent sales agent, independent trade agent.

More than 150 European logistic franchise partners guarantee first class performance and quality day by day.
The road ahead is clear, because we have the personal, financial and technical preconditions.

If we have aroused your interest, we would like to welcome you in our company!

You’re looking for…
… a professional and experienced logistic provider?
We offer dynamic and growing forwarding company cooperation with over 150 partners, five main transshipment bases and a freight volume of 2.1 million shipments and 655.000 tons per year.

You need…
… a provider who organize and coordinate your transports reliable.
We transport your general cargo shipments and part loads all over Germany and Europe-wide – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

You want...
… to use the advantages of a strong partner system?
We work together with renowned forwarding companies exclusively. It is precisely for this reason that we can guarantee efficient transports on a constant high quality level. Medium-sized companies enjoy a high reputation.

  • Looking for:
    Independent sales representative, independent manufacturer representative, independent sales agent, independent trade agent
  • Sales Reps wanted in the following countries:
    Canada, Germany, India, United Kingdom, United States
  • Offer compensations:
  • Establishment:
    Company was founded in 1993






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