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Supplier from Switzerland - acts as: service supplier

Founded in 1979 as the pioneer of Interim Management in Zurich, Switzerland - has an impressive track record like no other Interim Management provider in the German speaking part of Europe.








Business, Legal & Financial



Brainforce differentiates its Group of companies substantially from other providers of Interim Management services and expert solutions, built on more than 35 years of experience in Interim Management, clear systematic process for expert solutions, and its internationality. Brainforce AG is looking for sales representatives, manufacturer representatives, sales agents, trade agents.

Apart from the Headquarter in Zurich/Switzerland, Brainforce has subsidiaries in Munich/Germany, Vienna/Austria, Moscow/Russia, Johannesburg/South Africa, Bangkok/Thailand, Hong Kong, and Shanghai/China.

Brainforce Interim Management and E.X.P.E.R.T.3-Solution® such as bridging a management gap, heading challenging projects, restructuring, succession planning, operational assistance in activities abroad, or the introduction of specific know-how. These are the core competencies of Brainforce.
Brainforce deploys the best suitable individuals from its handpicked M.A.S.T.E.R.3-Pool® of more than 4.500 specialized leaders, managers, and experts worldwide.

Brainforce is an active member of the leading Chamber of Commerce and Industry Associations in various countries, including the leading German Association of Interim Management Providers (AIMP).

  • Looking for:
    Sales representatives, manufacturer representatives, sales agents, trade agents
  • Sales Reps wanted in the following countries:
    Canada, India, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States
  • Offer compensations:
  • Establishment:
    Company was founded in 1979






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