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By developing the integrated technical solutions for enterprises, institutions, state structures and individual owners, we are making a purposeful contribution to increasing of public safety, protection of life and health.








Safety & Security



Company pays great attention to the absorption of up-to-the minute technologies, hitech and development of individual technical solutions for customers on their bases. With that the most important aspect is integration in the hardware/software level as well as in the level of various detection, location, information transfer, imaging, data backup and other technologies. Sales representative, manufacturer representative, sales agent, trade agent are needed for BST.
This includes:

Detection and location technologies, by using:
- infrared radiation
- laser emission
- microwave radiation
- electromagnetic radiation
- tensor effects
- logic analysis of microvibrations
- video picture analysis

Information transfer technologies:
- through signal cables
- through coaxial cables
- through twisted pairs
- through fiber cables
- through wireless channels
- through microwave links
- through GSM, GPRS, PSTN
- through LAN/WAN network
- in infrared band

Information imaging technologies, on the base of:
- optical diode
- cathode ray tube
- plasma panels
- LCD panels
- projection screens

Technologies on the basis of global positioning system (GPS).
Smart data processing and decision making technologies.

  • Looking for:
    Sales representative, manufacturer representative, sales agent, trade agent
  • Sales Reps wanted in the following countries:
    Canada, India, Latvia, United Kingdom, United States
  • Offer compensations:






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