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Agency for promotion, event-management, temporary employment and more. We are an owner-managed organization with enthusiastic and best-trained personnel. P4U Agency is interested in cooperation with independent sales representatives.








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Our website is a contact point for all current and future customers, current promoters and job seekers, who are interested in a varied and flexible work, and all others that are interested in our wide range of activities. p4u agency is interested in cooperation with independent sales representative, independent manufacturer representative, independent sales agent, independent trade agent.

The p4u agency, which has been established in 2008, provides services on four business areas in particular: Promotion (professional POS-work und event-support), people (headhunting and manpower-leasing without headcount load), products (online-logistics for POS-materials) and performance (management consulting). We now employ 100motivated co-workers and have built an Austria-wide promoter pool of nearly 1,000 flexible workers. The organisation has its downtown office at Mariahilferstraße in Vienna, while the seat is in Pressbaum, Lower Austria. Strategic networking with partner companies helps expand our flexibility and variety of services; with pleasure we help to realize increasement of documented market shares and reputation through targeted actions on the point-of-sale. Satisfied customers certify our reliability and quality.

The combination of a variety of measures make p4u agency a professional in the promotion segment: Special workforce-coaching by experienced promoter-trainers provide the targeted use of marketing-oriented customer communication (Unique Selling Proposition and individual customer value). Honest and unfiltered reporting by the promoters allows direct feedback from the point-of-sale. At the same time, the specialized work force not only acts as a link between distribution partners and end customers, but also occurs as a competent contact person when a client-side need for extensive consultation arises. Furthermore, promotion-team is a high effective tool for realization of sell-outs and therefore lead time shortening of certain products.

  • Looking for:
    Independent sales representative, independent manufacturer representative, independent sales agent, independent trade agent
  • Sales Reps wanted in the following countries:
    Austria, Canada, Germany, India, United States
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