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Supplier from Austria - acts as: service supplier

As a full service agency with long-lasting experience and excellent contacts and relations across all industries as well as reliable partners we offer our clients a comprehensive service portfolio in Austria and Switzerland.








Business, Legal & Financial



Promotions – You define the targets, we reach them!

The outcome of a promotion campaign depends on various factors but one factor is vital for its success: the sender and the recipient of a message. For this reason we only work with highly qualified, motivated and experienced promoters and hostesses.
We offer an all-inclusive service to spread your message from creating the idea to implementing and producing promotional clothing in our own plants. Eightball Marketing & Personal Services would like to find sales representatives, manufacturer representatives, sales agents, trade agents.

Our services
- Designing and implementation
- Extraordinary orchestration
- Direct contact with target group including achieving a maximum of target group data
- Experienced and motivated promotion staff
- Innovative ideas and tailor made promotional activities as well as catchy lotteries and competitions
- One single, reliable contact person
- Tailor made and detailed reporting and project monitoring

Our portfolio:

- POS support
- Promotions with our own pool of promotion staff
- Product- and brand launches
- Events and event consulting, corporate events, event trips
- Trainings and meetings
- Guerrilla marketing
- Lifestyle and sponsoring
- Americas Cup & GC32 hospitality and sponsoring
- Advertising material production (own production)

  • Looking for:
    Sales representatives, manufacturer representatives, sales agents, trade agents
  • Sales Reps wanted in the following countries:
    Austria, Canada, Germany, India, United States
  • Offer compensations:






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