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We play an active role in the main growth themes in a world that is rapidly changing: infrastructure, food, energy and climate are the focus of our business. Cities for millions that touch the sky. A richer harvest to feed a growing world.








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By 2030, an additional 1.5 billion people will live in our cities. The demand for infrastructure to support this is massive. We help build the roads, buildings and energy systems for the world’s growing cities and support progress for people, communities and businesses across the world. A well-functioning infrastructure is the vehicle for transforming low and middle income countries into emerging or developing nations. Our solutions are making a difference for the cities of tomorrow. Danfoss has an interest in partnership with independent sales representative, independent manufacturer representative, independent sales agent, independent trade agent.

Danfoss helps meet the growing need for an abundant and better quality food supply by improving agricultural productivity and keeping food fresh all the way to consumers in the most efficient and safe way with minimum waste. Our products are everywhere, whether you look at the workings of the cold room and conveyor belt at a slaughterhouse or behind the refrigeration counters of a supermarket.

No matter what we produce, the goal is to optimize performance, increase efficiency and minimize waste. This means that, today, we are a world leader in the field of energy-efficient technologies that enable our customers and society as a whole to get more from less. Energy that we don’t use doesn’t pollute and doesn’t cost money. By picking the low-hanging fruits that energy efficient technologies offer, we can meet the growing energy demand, boost the economy and afford the renewable energy sources.

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    Independent sales representative, independent manufacturer representative, independent sales agent, independent trade agent
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    Canada, Denmark, India, United Kingdom, United States
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