Privacy policy


You should not post sensitive information, personality profiles, or any other information you would not want made public,



1. General


1.1. These Rules are an official document of legal entity ("Site Administration", "Administration") and determine the method of processing and protecting information on the individuals using web-site ("Site") and its services ("Services").
1.2. The purpose of these Rules is to ensure due protection of the user information, including personal data, from unauthorized access and disclosure, except personal data which is on publicly-available pages of this Site or publicly-available at other websites.
1.3. The relations connected with the collection, storage, distribution and protection of the Site Users information are governed by these Rules, other official documents of Site Administration and effective legislation.
1.4. The current version of the Rules, which are a public document, is available to any Internet user at The Site Administration has the right to modify these Rules. In case changes are made to these Rules, the Site Administration shall notify the users by posting the new version of the Rules on the Site permanently at privacy_policy not later than 10 days before such changes become effective. The previous versions of the Rules are stored in the Site Administration’s documentation archive.
1.5. These Rules are part of the Terms of Service available at In case of contradictions between these Rules and other official documents of the Site Administration, these Rules will prevail.
1.6. By using this Site or Services, you agree to the collection, use and transfer of your data as described in these Rules.
1.7. In case the User disagrees with the conditions of these Rules, the use of the Site and its Services must be stopped immediately.



2. Terms and conditions


2.1. By making available the Site and its Services, the Site Administration, acting reasonably and in good faith, believes that the User:
- has all necessary rights to register on and use this Site;
- provides true information about himself (herself) to the extent necessary for use of the Site Services;
- understands that the personal information posted by the User may become available to other Site Users and Internet users, be copied and disseminated by such users;
- understands that some types of information transferred by him / her to other Users cannot be deleted by the User himself / herself;
- is aware of and accepts these Rules and assumes the rights and obligations provided by these Rules.
2.2. The Site Administration does not check the user information received (collected), except where such check is necessary in order for the Site Administration to fulfill its obligations to the User.



3. Purposes of information processing


3.1. The Site Administration processes information on the Users, including their personal data, in order to fulfill the Site Administration’s obligations to the Users regarding use of the Site and its Services.



4. What kind of information is collected


4.1. The Users’ personal data include:
4.1.1. Data that are provided by the Users and are minimally necessary for registering on the Site: username, name, surname, and e-mail;
4.1.2. Data that are provided by the Users at their public pages ("Profiles")
4.1.3. The Site Administration has the right to request that the User provide a copy of the identity document or another document containing the User’s name, surname, photograph as well as other additional information which, at the discretion of the Site Administration, is necessary and sufficient to identify such User and prevent abuses and infringements of third parties’ rights.
4.1.4. Data of a legal entity that are provided by the Users in order to generate an invoice/contact for them.
4.2. The Site Administration also processes other User information including:
4.2.1. Standard data that are automatically received by the http-server when the User accesses the Site and takes further actions (IP-address of the host, type of the user’s operational system, Site pages visited by the User).
4.2.2. Information that is automatically received at the time of access to the Site with the use of cookies.
4.2.3. Information that is created by the users on the Site outside the Public page edit section (comments e.g.).
4.2.4. Information that is received as the result of the User’s actions on the Site.



5. Processing of the user information


5.1. The personal data are processed according to the following principles:
a) lawful purposes and methods of personal data processing; b) good faith; c) the purposes of personal data processing meet the purposes determined in advance and declared at the time of personal data collection as well as to the Site Administration’s powers; d) the scope and nature of the personal data being processed and the methods of personal data processing meet the purposes of personal data processing; e) it is unacceptable to unify personal data bases created for incompatible purposes.
5.1.1. Conditions and purposes of personal data processing.
The Site Administration processes the User’s personal data for the purpose of performance of the Agreement between the Site Administration and the User.
5.1.2. Personal data collection
The User’s personal data are collected on the Site at the time of registration and also subsequently as the User enters additional information about himself / herself on his / her own initiative, using the Site tools.
The information about you may collected from publicly-available websites. We may use this information to create a profile, even if you do not have an account with us, or append it to an existing profile. You will have the opportunity to claim collected information relating to you and to change its visibility setting or remove the information. However we cannot guarantee that we will not later collect from publicly-available websites other information that pertains to you.
5.1.3. Storage and use of personal data
The Users’ personal data are stored only on electronic media and are processed with the use of automated systems, except where a non-automated processing of personal data is necessary in connection with legal requirements.
5.1.4. Transfer of personal data
The Users’ personal data are not transferred to any third parties, except as expressly provided by these Rules.
If instructed or agreed so by the User, the User’s personal data may be transferred to the Site Administration’s third-party contractors, provided that such contractors assume confidentiality obligations, in particular, regarding use of third-party additional programs and code. Third-party additional programs and code used by the Users on the Site are placed and supported by third parties (developers) which act independently and not on behalf of the Site Administration. The Users should familiarize themselves with the service rules and personal data protection policy of such third persons (developers) before beginning to use the applications. The actions of such third parties (developers) are subject to the official documents of the Site Administration. The Users’ personal data are provided on the request of government agencies (local self-government bodies) in such manner as provided by law.
5.1.5. Deletion of personal data
The User’s personal data are deleted in case:
– the User himself / herself removes data from his / her personal page;
– the Site Administration removes the information posted by the User as well as the User’s Page as provided by the Terms of Service.
– the User’s personal data which are saved in finance documents (invoices, contracts, receipts, etc) will store within three years.



6. User’s rights and obligations


6.1. The User has the right to:
6.1.1. access their information without restrictions and free of charge by loading his / her personal page on the Site with the use of login and password;
6.1.2. independently make changes and corrections to his / her information on the User’s personal page on the Site, provided that such changes and corrections contain up-to-date and true information;
6.1.3. remove his / her information from his / her personal page on the Site;
6.1.4. request that the Site Administration update, block or delete his / her personal data, if such data are incomplete, outdated, untrue, unlawfully received or are not necessary for the declared purpose of processing or if the actions specified in sub-clauses 6.1.2 and 6.1.3 hereof cannot be implemented independently;
6.1.5. request information from the Site Administration regarding the processing of his / her personal data.
6.2. As the Site is an all-in-one means of communication and search for people and companies and the key function of the Site is make the acquaintance with people or companies, the following information on the registered User is fully or partially available to any unregistered or registered Site User:
6.2.1. User’s surname and name;
6.2.2. date of birth, profile photography, country, city … ;
6.2.3. information on the User’s favorites;
6.3. The Site Administration bears no liability for the disclosure of the User’s personal data because of the actions prohibited in official documents of the Site Administration and international legal acts.
6.4. In case of personal data (other User information) removal from the User’s personal page or removal of the User’s personal page from the Site, the User’s information copied by other Users or stored on other Users’ pages may be preserved.



7. Users’ information protection measures


7.1. The Site Administration takes technical, organizational and legal measures to ensure that the User’s personal data are protected from unauthorized or accidental access, deletion, modification, blocking, copying, dissemination as well as from other unauthorized actions.
7.2. Access to the Site is authorized using the User’s username and password. The User is responsible for keeping this information confidential. The User may not transfer his / her username and password to third parties and is also obliged to take measures for keeping them confidential.
7.3. To improve the Users’ information protection, the Site Administration uses a system that links the page to the e-mail address. To implement this system, the User must provide the Site Administration with his / her e-mail address. Under the system that links the page to the e-mail address, in case of loss of the login or password the User can restore access to the page using the restoration code contained in the message that the User receives on his / her e-mail address.
7.4. After ten unsuccessful attempts to login, access to the personal page will be blocked for an indefinite period. If this occurs, User must immediately contact the Site Administration.



8. Limitation of the Rules applicability


8.1. The Site Administration bears no liability for the actions of third parties which as the result of using the Internet or the Site Services obtained access to the User information, for the consequences of use of this information which, due to the Site nature, is available to any Internet user. The Site Administration recommends that the Users take a responsible approach to the scope of their information posted on the Site.



9. Users’ inquiries


9.1. The Users have the right to send their inquiries to the Site Administration.
9.2. At its own discretion the Site Administration may require the User:
- to confirm his identity by providing identity documents having actual legal force in accordance with international legal acts;
- confirm participation on the Site by providing correspondence between the User and the Site Administration.
9.3. The Site Administration undertakes to consider and respond to the User’s inquiry within 30 days after it is received.
9.4. All correspondence received by the Site Administration from the Users is classified as restricted-access information and may not be disclosed without the User’s written consent. The personal data and other information on the User who sent the inquiry may not be used without the User’s special consent for any purpose other than for response to the inquiry, except as expressly provided by law.